PRE-COOCKED <small>Cotechino, Zampone and Bondiola</small>

PRE-COOCKED Cotechino, Zampone and Bondiola

PRE-COOCKED Cotechino, Zampone and Bondiola

Starting from our fresh products we have decided to produce a pre-cooked products without using any kind of preservatives. To keep the same organoleptic characteristics we have selected a different way of cooking than the one in autoclave ie the baking call Tyndalizzazione: a double pasteurization, or to be more precise, double cooking at low temperatures. Shelf life is about 90/100 days.

Our way of cooking guarantees to our PRE-COOCKED products the same characteristics in terms of aromas and flavors, of OUR FRESH products cooked in the traditional way.

immerse the sealed envelope in a pot of boiling water, keeping the boiling for about 25 minutes. Cut a corner of the bag and let the liquid form inside it go out. Serve hot.


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